About Me

Ryan McVeighI “cut my teeth” as they say in the car industry at age 19 with my first job at a North Vancouver Kia dealership. Needing a job while in college getting my certificate for Acting for the Camera, I saw a job online for a Hyundai dealership and applied – unknown to what position it would be. My interview was very interesting. I think during my 40 minute interview I spoke with the General Manager for about 10 of them. The rest was sitting in my chair while she was on the phone appraising customers vehicles and on her phone with auto brokers from everywhere. I was hired that day as a lot attendant and driven over to the Kia dealership down the street and met my new team.

After film school ended I was given a proposition from my boss.

“You seem to be pretty personable guy, why don’t you try sales? I’ll teach you everything you need to know”.

Thinking I had to be here anyways, I thought I would take the opportunity to learn. I would see myself grow into the top salesman after about a year and start this crazy life journey.

The journey would involve that Kia franchise being shut down and re-opened as a upscale used vehicle store, selling brands like Porsche, Jaguar, Audi, BMW, Land Rover and Mercedes. I would stay at this store under the new name Jim Pattison Cars Unlimited for about 2 years until the recession of 2008 took everything for a whirlwind. In 2009 I took at year off to travel and work in a family business while the economy settled itself out.

I would then return back to the car industry in 2011 with some of my previous co-workers  at Marv Jones Honda in Maple Ridge, BC. This has been where I have seen of of my biggest growth as I learn to take responsibility for myself and others and look to God’s leading and guidance.

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