Leasing 2 cars vs Financing 1. What’s cheaper? The truth will surprise you!

After a discussion with a close friend about his opinion on leasing a vehicle, I got to thinking about it and decided to tackle the mystery. The question was “Is it better to lease two cars or finance one?”…. Read More

Can I terminate my lease early?

    The latest research shows that over 95% of people are purchasing their vehicle with money they borrowed through the dealership or their own bank. Leasing a vehicle, instead of financing, is becoming more popular as customers… Read More

October – November Customer Photos

Big thanks to those at Northshore Toyota and at Westwood Honda who did business with me.  

3 things That Determine If You Get Approved Or Not For A Car Loan?

How does one know if they will get approved for a car loan or not? No one likes the process of exposing all their very personal information and getting declined so I thought I would share the info… Read More

August’s New Vehicle Owners

A big thank you to all those who did business with me last month. It was amazing to make my first full month so successful.

May New Car Owners

Congratulations to this months new car owners! Thank you for your trust and patronage.

When we say reputable car dealership, what do we mean?

I found myself in my clients shoes last month when I went looking for used Honda CR-V’s to replace my Honda Accord coupe. I love to travel, camp, fish, canoe, and do jobs around the house so a… Read More

Should I lease or finance a car to get the better write-off at tax time?

If you are using your vehicle to earn income, you may be eligible to deduct your car expenses when you file your income tax. Leasing, financing, or paying cash for a vehicle all have different tax exemptions. I’m going… Read More

The first look at Honda’s new Urban Utility Vehicle

Honda Japan has released a new small SUV called the Vezel. This vehicle is scheduled to hit the North American market by fall 2014. It is unsure if the same name will be used on this side of… Read More

Should I finance with the dealership or use my Line of Credit?

As only 3% of people purchase a car from a dealership with actual cash outright, most people have to borrow at least some the money when purchasing a vehicle.  Many people ask this question: Do I borrow the… Read More