Doing Business with You. A Short Story of Dealership Transition.

As many have said before, “the older you get, the harder it is to change”. At still a young 27 years of age, I have become aware of my reluctance for growth and satisfaction in a life of safety and being average through my recent major career change. The regular readers of my blog will know that I am very passionate towards Honda and the Maple Ridge community. To switch to a Toyota dealership in North Vancouver was a big step. I used to call it “joining the enemy” for the first week, as Honda and Toyota are tight rivals in  many competing vehicle segments. But I have had an epiphany about a sales principal that is bringing new life into my steps – People don’t buy cars, they buy people.

My colleagues at Honda would always come to me whenever there was a technology question or one of their customers needed an explanation of a feature or system in their new car. I mastered all the e-learning classes and even finished first in the regional  Honda Accord Walk-Around contest where product advisers take their turn explaining the features and benefits of the new product and how it will advance their daily drive, (winning $500!). My confidence was in my immense product knowledge.

Fast forward to working at a dealership where you have a 20 vehicle line-up at Toyota compared to 13 at Honda. The product knowledge doesn’t come easy with 4 different navigation systems and a new truck and hybrid line-up to learn. It was easy to get discouraged by the amount of work it would take to get myself back to the level I was at with Honda. I had become proud of my computer-like abilities and considered them my number one selling tool and believed my reason for success was because I knew more than the next guy.

This is where the epiphany comes in. Even with being the new guy again after years of being the veteran, I still had my number 1 selling tool – ME.

This became evident when one of my past customers at Honda who purchased a Honda Fit 2 years ago texted me last week about a vehicle upgrade program Honda had sent her in the mail. We had never met before her first visit to the dealership and stayed in touch every time she came back to service her car and periodically on the phone. She was sad to hear about my departure from the Honda dealership but she replied back were words that melted my heart and a big reason I came this conclusion – “I’ll buy from wherever you are”.

She had bought the relationship we have shared over the 2 years and that was more important to her than the emblem on the front of her vehicle.

In an industry where most people don’t have a positive relationship with the person they bought their car from, I have taken follow-up service very seriously. I love helping people save money and time by being the person they can call or text when they have a need with anything from their insurance and financing questions to where to get the scratches buffed out. The reward is the smiles and feedback from the clients like the one mentioned above.

To wrap this story up, I’ll summarize my renewed knowledge to help those who may be feeling like I did. People don’t by what you do. They buy who you are and why you do it. They buy the relationship. If you desire personal growth, ask yourself these two questions and write down the answers. “Would you do business with you? why?” Seeing them written on paper will give you an outside-looking-in perspective of what you believe about yourself and give you the space to choose your future. Find all the reasons you said “yes” and advertise them. Find all the reasons you said “no” and commit them to change. I found I am confident asking for my clients business multiple times because I believe I offer the best service available and that doing business elsewhere will be getting less than they deserve.

If you’d like a great vehicle with some great service, send me a message. Feel free to leave your feedback as well.


Go do amazing things!

Ryan McVeigh



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